Sylvain Huet, 3D Slash presents: “3D Slash: a piece of cake”

Sylvain Huet, Engineer and Finder of 3D Slash, presents during the 3D Content Conference: “3D Slash: a piece of cake”.

Despite intensive buzz, 3D printing struggles to reach the general public due to the lack of 3D modeling softwares that are really usable by non-designers. People trying to evangelize the general public usually admit that simplified versions of professional CAD softwares remain complicated and not very fun indeed.

Very different from usual CAD softwares, 3D Slash turns to be efficient and fun even with kids. Its DNA comes from construction games (such as Minecraft) and manual labor (such as stonecutters). Therefore people from 7 to 70 jump into 3D printing within 5 minutes with no barrier to entry.

About Sylvain Huet
Sylvain is a French engineer and entrepreneur. He was a pioneer of virtual worlds with the Second World in the 90s, and objects connected with the Nabaztag in the 2000s. His specialty? Invent, produce and disseminate innovative technologies in highly innovative topics. He has participated in the creation of a dozen tech startups. His latest invention, 3D Slash, has received the Gold Medal at Concours Lépine, the legendary French contest for inventors since 1901.

About 3D Slash
3D Slash proposes a new vision of 3d modeling tools for general public: we believe that creating your own parts is fun and can also be useful, and that the 3d modeling tools should be enjoyable as well.

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