iU eMagazine is media partner of 3D Design & Engineering Conference

iU eMagazine is media partner of 3D Design & Engineering Conference, which will take place on May 24, at Designhuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

About iU eMagazine

It’s true, that what we feed our brains with is what grooms us and eventually the society. Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine is a venture that is an All Positive, No Gossips Media Platform that brings Inspirational News & Stories from around the globe from various dimensions & strata of society. In a nutshell it’s A delight for entrepreneurs, A vision for writers, A feast for energy seekers, A visionary platform for journalists, A pat on the back for those who struggle, A hope for readers of today & the strongest base for the future of a well-wired & positively inspired society.

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