“Topological optimization: findings from practice” – Presented by Simon Vermeir, Sirris

Additive manufacturing is more and more used to produce functional end-parts.

However, success is no guarantee because during the production-technology-switch to AM, the design is not always adapted. However this is crucial to gain from the AM-benefits. A new approach of product design made its entry.

Topological optimization is an inspiring way to achieve lightweight parts which still fulfill all the mechanical requirements. Findings from practice are explained.

About Simon Vermeir

Design engineer with a strong affinity for innovation and technology.

Currently part of the Additive Manufacturing group at Sirris.

Sirris helps the Belgian industry to develop, test and implement technological innovation.

I guide companies through the specific way of designing a product for Additive Manufacturing so it becomes a worthy alternative to conventional production technologies.

About Sirris

Sirris helps companies develop, test and effectively implement technological innovations. In working with our experts, you will tap their knowledge and experience, while  using our high-tech infrastructure to explore the full range of possibilities offered by new technologies. This will help you make the right technological choices and rapidly turn your innovations into marketable products and services.

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