Trending 3D Modeling Softwares in April 2016

One year ago we first looked at what the preferred 3D modeling softwares were of our customers. Now it’s time to look at how it has changed over the course of one year. No surprises at the top, the winner is SolidWorks again. The well-known professional CAD suite from Dassault Systèmes even managed to increase… [read more]

“Metal AM Design Rules, what every mechanical design engineer should know!” – Presented by Thomas Bossuyt, Metal Technics 3D

A metal 3D printer is just like a CNC milling machine – a tool that executes what it is instructed to do. Thus, the only step in the process affecting the quality of the final printed product is the design and the engineering. Therefore it is extremely important to understand and respect the technologies limitations… [read more]

Modified laser cutter prints 3-D objects from powder (Video)

Rice University bioengineering researchers have modified a commercial-grade CO2 laser cutter to create OpenSLS, an open-source, selective laser sintering platform that can print intricate 3-D objects from powdered plastics and biomaterials. The system costs at least 40 times less than its commercial counterparts and allows researchers to work with their own specialized powdered materials.

Polaroid becomes first global household name to launch 3D printer range

Polaroid, one of the world’s most trusted brands, has confirmed a three-year partnership with UK manufacturer Environmental Business Products (EBP). EBP is Europe’s largest and longest established collector and remanufacturer of inkjet cartridges with over 20-years experience and credibility in the print industry. In 2014, the company diversified into the 3D printing market introducing the… [read more]

3D Printed Ceramics Using Sound Waves, Created by Dutch Designers (Video)

Olivier van Herpt, like many artists, found himself dissatisfied with the artistic capabilities of traditional 3D printers and 3D printing materials. “When I first started researching 3D printing the technology was an exciting and interesting one,” the Dutch sculptor says. “But, the desktop 3D printers on offer were unable to produce things at a human… [read more]

Beyond the 3D printing hype: Transformative prototyping & customizing mass-produced goods

Despite all the hype around personal desktop 3D printers, consumers never warmed to the idea of machines only really useful for making toys—most kids already have more than enough plastic figurines lying around for their parents to step on. Rather than fuelling a movement of makers and tinkerers, the technology will have its biggest impact in… [read more]

New Ceramic Resin Has Potential to 3D Print Hypersonic Jets

3D printed ceramics are still something of a rarity, compared to other materials. The material has several limitations; it’s generally printed by sintering powder materials that result in porous, relatively weak end products with low heat resistance. This greatly limits the size and shape of objects that can be printed; 3D printed ceramic objects have thus… [read more]

What 3D printing can do in medicine

Teeth, hips and bone replacements from a 3D printer: The production of implants has already made great strides in routine clinical practice. However, there are still many unanswered questions when it comes to vital organs. Present reality: 3D printing in orthopaedic and plastic surgery