“Generative design for additive manufacturing” – Presented by Mathijs de Schipper, TNO

Designing smart structures and utilizing the full potential of additive manufacturing requires a new design approach. Using algorithms complex structures can be generated with for example varying thickness resulting a range of material hardness. I will show you my approach towards designing an insole with multiple material properties using Grasshopper. Working with new materials sometimes… [read more]

“Topological optimization: findings from practice” – Presented by Simon Vermeir, Sirris

Additive manufacturing is more and more used to produce functional end-parts. However, success is no guarantee because during the production-technology-switch to AM, the design is not always adapted. However this is crucial to gain from the AM-benefits. A new approach of product design made its entry. Topological optimization is an inspiring way to achieve lightweight… [read more]

“Connected Adaptive Production – From design to final parts” – Presented by Kristian Arntz, ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing becomes an industrial technology nowadays. What started as a rapid prototyping technology then became a media and hobby manufacturers hype finally approaches the factories of the world. While processes, material availability and productivity are getting adult, a crucial lack remains unsolved: realizing integrated IT infrastructures in order to bring together conventional and additive… [read more]

Trending 3D Modeling Softwares in April 2016

One year ago we first looked at what the preferred 3D modeling softwares were of our customers. Now it’s time to look at how it has changed over the course of one year. No surprises at the top, the winner is SolidWorks again. The well-known professional CAD suite from Dassault Systèmes even managed to increase… [read more]

TNO Researchers Are Investigating Virtual Material Design in 3D Printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has been a popular topic of discussion on the COMSOL Blog and throughout the scientific community. New initiatives have furthered the capabilities of this technology, while extending its reach in various fields of research, manufacturing, and design. With the help of COMSOL Multiphysics, researchers at the Netherlands Organization… [read more]

“IP and liability: who cares?!” – Presented by Ernst-Jan Louwers, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten

Ernst-Jan Louwers will guide you through legal swamps of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. To enable businesses and platforms to operate responsibly, he will share practical tips on intellectual property, new forms of licensing in open design, consequences of changing supply chains, warranty and liability issues. His key message will be: “Be aware of pitfalls… [read more]

“Metal AM Design Rules, what every mechanical design engineer should know!” – Presented by Thomas Bossuyt, Metal Technics 3D

A metal 3D printer is just like a CNC milling machine – a tool that executes what it is instructed to do. Thus, the only step in the process affecting the quality of the final printed product is the design and the engineering. Therefore it is extremely important to understand and respect the technologies limitations… [read more]