Making 3D printing part of every designer’s DNA

3D printing is not just a prototyping technology anymore, it is also a manufacturing technology which requires a different way of thinking. If you want to design a product that will be 3D printed, many aspects should be considered: how is it constructed, how will it function, what should it support?

The 3D printing technology allows the designer to stay closer to the design and the final product. Potential problems or defaults in the design can be iterated quickly, making it easier to adjust and solve it. In other words, 3D printing supports a more efficient product lifecycle management.

Nevertheless, the misconception exists that a great product or part could be printed by just pressing a button. A designer needs to know the ins and outs of the product, and needs to learn new skills and approaches to become a real professional in 3D Design & Engineering.

The conference will give design & engineering professionals the chance to learn and meet the possibilities of 3D printing, and to get a different view on their design challenges. The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • 3D printing value chain, think beyond prototyping
  • Design & engineering tools
  • Integrated workflow
  • 3D Design & engineering education
  • Visualisation tools
  • Product Lifecycle Management – PLM
  • Validation
  • Creative thinking
  • Knowledge of materials

Program. The cutting edge program will include keynotes and a wide range of break out presentations. Next to these inspiring presentations, the 3D Design & Engineering Conference will feature a lively exhibition area, plus a lunch and networking reception to create the ideal opportunity to network in an open setting.

Who should attend? Any person who is involved in developing products using 3D printing, from designer to engineer, from researcher to 3D printer manufacturer and from material manufacturer to software developer.

3D printing should be part of every designer’s DNA

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