Student develops 3D printing tool that enables makers to produce their own filament

The Green Engineers has developed a simple, expandable, mod-able filament extruder and multipurpose fabrication tool called the “Multistruder”. The 3D printing tool, which enables makers to produce their own filament, is currently the subject of a $6,000 Kickstarter campaign.

It’s no secret that the price of 3D printing filament remains a bugbear for many amateur makers. Many newbies naturally baulk at the cost of the 3D printers themselves, but filament, which needs to be purchased over and over again, can also leave a hefty dent in the wallet when large quantities are required. Since filament materials such as PLA and ABS are themselves fairly cheap, makers are often paying for the convenience of having their chosen material delivered in a 3D printable, 1.75 or 3mm diameter thread, which has been neatly wound onto a spool. But what if there was a way to cut out the middleman in the 3D printing filament supply chain? If makers could turn the raw materials into filament themselves, would they save money in the long run? Mechanical engineering student Steven Mosbrucker, who runs a startup called The Green Engineers, certainly thinks so.Read more


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