“Cloud-Based Communication for 3D Content” – Presented by Kaye Hope, ShareMy3D

Cloud-based solutions can enable fast and secure communication of information, including complex 3D data. Let’s consider how work processes and communication streams can be improved by finding common platforms for sharing 3D information.

About Kaye Hope

Kaye is the COO for ShareMy3D, a 3D visualization software company based in Oslo, Norway. With nearly a decade of experience from the energy sector, Kaye has operational knowledge of the challenges communicating large data across organizations. Originally from Canada, Kaye studied mathematics and business and is personally passionate about mathematics, running and travel.

About ShareMy3D AS

ShareMy3D is an online application for communicating 3D content through the web. Our core strength is to seamlessly and securely render images up to 5GB. Our services can be purchased directly online at sharemy3d.com or we work directly with enterprise clients for larger scale integration projects.

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