3D-Printed Silicone Rubber Robotic Hand Can Grip and Identify Wide Range of Objects (Video)

Robots have many strong suits, but delicacy traditionally hasn’t been one of them. Rigid limbs and digits make it difficult for them to grasp, hold, and manipulate a range of everyday objects without dropping or crushing them. Recently, CSAIL researchers have discovered that the solution may be to turn to a substance more commonly associated with… [read more]

New York State to Invest $125 Million in Building World’s First Industrial-Scale 3D Printing Facility

New York state will invest $125 million to build the world’s first industrial-scale 3D printing facility as part of a private-public partnership with Norway’s Norsk Titanium AS, according to sources familiar with the deal. A groundbreaking for the plant is expected in late October or November in Plattsburgh, New York, about 160 miles north of… [read more]