“‘Start with the end in mind’ – Design for Supply Chain – an integral approach to develop smart products” – Presented by Marc Schrijvers, Philips Industry Consulting

Freedom of design is perhaps the most important benefit of 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Where traditional supply chains evolve to supply networks the link between initial design and final supply gets more complex. Design for Supply Chain offers a solution to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing. This structured step-by-step methodology addresses supply chain aspects in the early stage of design. It is a proven tool enabling effective decision making and maximizing smart customization opportunities.

About Marc Schrijvers

Marc Schrijvers brings over 20 years of experience in the international manufacturing industry. After various roles, evolving from development engineer to executive he is very well-acquainted with the dynamics of today’s high tech supply chain.

As managing consultant he’s currently involved in several innovation programs for non-Philips manufacturing companies.

About Philips Industry Consulting

Philips Industry Consulting is supporting leading manufacturing companies inclusive Royal Philips. Together with these customers, 70 seasoned specialists tackle challenges in the field of innovation and operations management. Tailored solutions, based on proven tools and pragmatic approaches are applied in areas like Roadmapping, Portfolio management, Product Development, Supply Chain and Lean.

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