“‘Start with the end in mind’ – Design for Supply Chain – an integral approach to develop smart products” – Presented by Marc Schrijvers, Philips Industry Consulting

Freedom of design is perhaps the most important benefit of 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Where traditional supply chains evolve to supply networks the link between initial design and final supply gets more complex. Design for Supply Chain offers a solution to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing. This structured step-by-step methodology addresses supply… [read more]

“FABulous funding opportunities for startups and SMEs” – Presented by Lies Boghaert, iMinds

FABulous, part of the European FIWARE Acceleration Program, provides (equity free) funding and business support to startups and SMEs active in the 3D printing and Digital Fabrication domain. The program just launched its third and last Open Call, which is now open for innovative business ideas related to 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication. Selected projects… [read more]

3D Printing of Metal Vacuum Seals

3D printing has been on the rise for some time now. Anything from plastic jewellery and car bodywork to biomaterial tissue and organs can now be printed, with industry experts continually learning about how to optimise materials, machinery, processes and procedures.

Mark Rahusen, EDS-Innovation, will speak about EDS-Innovation, 3D Casting at the 3D Printing Design & Engineering Conference

Mark Rahusen, Managing Director, EDS-Innovation, will speak about EDS-Innovation, 3D Casting at the 3D Printing Design & Engineering Conference, which will take place on 24 May 2016 at Designhuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He will detail on how to use additive manufacturing in combination of current production techniques. About Mark Rahusen

“Lowering the barrier: design & engineering for everyone” – Presented by Ruud van den Muijzenberg, Shapeways

3D designing currently still is a time consuming process which often requires complex and expensive software. We realized most people don’t have the knowledge of, or don’t have the access to these tools. How can you enable those consumers to make unique products that fit better in their lives than mass manufacturing can deliver? About… [read more]